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I help those with chronic kidney disease use nutrition to improve kidney health and more!

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Confused on what to eat for kidney disease? Tired of endless google searches leaving you even more confused? Feel like you can't eat what you really like anymore? Kidney friendly eating doesn't have to consume your life- and you can still eat delicious food!

Let me be your kidney friendly food guide. As a registered dietitian who is board certified in renal nutrition, my passion is to help others maintain kidney function using evidenced-based nutrition therapy so they can potentially avoid dialysis. Contact me below to see if we are a good fit!

Client Testimonial

"I have had chronic kidney disease for quite a while. After my blood tests revealed that my kidney function had worsened, my nephrologist suggested that I cut down on the amount of animal protein in my diet.  I then began to research online how and what to eat for chronic kidney disease. The research results were confusing and often contradictory. I knew that I needed to find a nutritionist who specialized in kidney disease and kidney functioning. I found Lindsay Ducharme through on line research and reviewed her credentials and background. I then reached out to Lindsay. I liked her approach and expertise and began treating with her. Lindsay was able to tailor my diet to the specifics of my individual kidney function and kidney related health issues. I tried my best to follow Lindsay’s advice and my kidney function actually   improved. Lindsay is both informative and caring. Her continued support of my quest to improve and stabilize my kidney function and avoid the worsening of my kidney disease will continue to be a part of my life. I highly recommend Lindsay Ducharme to anyone who is experiencing kidney disease no matter what the stage of his or her disease might be."


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